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There are many challenges you face as you age, and one of those can be your home. Life is changing, so your requirements are changing as well, making it necessary to make some adjustments in your home life. One such adjustment is the need to make some improvements in your home’s layout and design. Some are DIY home modifications, while others may require the help of a professional. These improvements are necessary and will make life easier for everyone in the family, including you. At times these might be minor improvements or modifications, but they can impact your life considerably.


No matter the circumstances, what we all want for our senior years is to live somewhere we’re comfortable, safe, healthy, and happy. For some seniors, the traditional choices of assisted living or nursing care just don’t feel like the right fit for meeting these needs. These individuals are choosing to go with a newer trend that allows seniors to “age in community.” If this sounds like it may be right for you or your loved one, check out these potential arrangements — and the facts you need to know before making a decision.


A good home is a sanctuary, a place where you can relax and unwind while feeling safe and secure. However, not every home is practical for seniors to age in place. As we grow older, we need a house that is both accessible and adaptable to whatever our lifestyle requires. Of course, those needs differ by the individual, but here are a few crucial features to consider.